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Does The World Owe You A Living?

Posted on: 21, Aug 2018

Let me emphasise that not every beautiful sexy escort in Ibiza feels that the world owes her a living. Most of them are hard-working, professional and dedicated. But some can be a massive pain the backside because the world has always rewarded them for their attractiveness, so they expect that whatever they do will always work out, and that anything they want can be available just because they said so.

Or the stunning 23 year old Playboy model who, on being told that the fee in Ibiza for her would be between 350 and 500 euros an hour said “That may be fine for other girls who have been in magazines; but look at me! I require at least a thousand euros an hour.” She then stood and flounced out of the meeting in the cafe without a backward look or offering to pay. Of course…Girls who escort Geneva clients not all awkward devils. But when they are, they can be awful. Anyway, Two weeks later she was back on demanding to know where her bookings were, only to have it pointed out to her that the agency had not actually agreed to represent her before she swished away from the meeting. Fun at times, but you might not want one as a housepet.

Its not just the architecture, language or the food that makes a place feel exotic, its the accumulation of little things that build to create a sense of “different”. Often the best thing to do is to take a single item or activity and look at from a new perspective, rather than trying to absorb everything all at once. The devil may be in the detail, as architect Mies Van Der Rohe once said, but so is the delight and joy of discovery. The little things tell you more than the big things because they are easier to compare, contrast and learn from.
You cannot compare “architecture” but you can compare the roof of one church to the roof of another. You cannot compare “culture” but you can spot the differences between how peoples view the buying and selling of sex. And from those things you can learn much more than you might imagine.